Sunday, 8 November 2015


Assalamualaikum, guys! How are you? I really hope that each one of you will be in a pink of health :)
It seems like ages I did'nt update this blog. Fuuhhh , a lot of dust I think. Just to let you all know that my exam for Module 11 just around the corner. Seriously, I could'nt take it for granted as this module was a killing me inside. So, I should focus more on that instead of updating this blog. *My head already filled up with those electricals matter just now , so you guys can imagine how am I looked like. Hahaha.

So.. today I wanna share about my first experience when I heard news about my beloved one involved in accident. It was really a terrible feeling I ever felt  and it made me burst into tears and stopped my brain from working properly infront of many people. 

Last week , I planned to go back Nilai. After class ended, I took a bus from Skypark to KLIA. I was very exciting as on the next day my friend will be coming from Seremban just want to hang out with me, just both of us. Unfortunately, everything changed in a second. While I was waiting for my dad to pick me up at terminal, my mom called me just to inform that my dad got involved in an accident on his way to me. You all know right how was my feeling. My hands started to shake and my heart beated faster than usual. He was my dad okay, not anyone else. I just wondering about his condition ,how about his car ,is it too bad or maybe now my dad is calling fo help?  My mouth read the zikr while the head keep thinking about him. I JUST WANT TO GO TO HIM, THATS ALL. 

15 minutes later, I got a call from my mom. She said my dad's head  was bleeding badly. She was at the place where the incident happened. As she informed , my dad's friend will pick me up and  asked me to wait. My mom accomponied his husband to the hospital by ambulance. I could't sit properly , my eyes keep looking my watch every seconds and my hands continuosly on off the one to check for incoming call and whatsapp. I was extremely worried, the people around just looked at me weirdly and probably said  "What the hell this girl keep crying at this terminal alone". Haha. 

During my way to home , I asked my dad's friend about his condition. He just said, "don't worry Aishah, your dad was okay. Your mom always with him so don't worry. Take a rest at home and tomorrow we together visit him okay". Hmm. He gave me his number,just in case of emergency he asked me to call him. How I feel blessed when someone really care about me.

On the next day, I visited my dad at Putrajaya Hospital. I warned myself not to cry infront of him. I kissed his cheeks and give him a beautiful smile ,actually I tried hard to create it. He said sorry to me because he can't pick me up, while crying. I touched , really my tears eager to roll down. Its not your fault, dad. Its not your fault.

His head was terribly injured. Of course I am sad to see his weak body but still want to have a chat with me, ask my study performance and everything like he still care about me eventhough he sicked.

Dad, you are my everything. Allah wants to forgive your sins, that's why He puts you into this kind of trouble. Don't worry , my Dua will always with you and please be strong for me,adik and mom okay? I love you,really. You are the best man ever in my life and I am proud to be your daughter ;)

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